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, she just kind of picked it up along the way. Even if Ginger denies she's a lesbian, she can't deny that these 'pointers' will be seared into her mind - and onto her lips - forever! Maybe Ginger really is a bad kisser, and it's just that nobody's ever told her! Ginger leans in and their lips meet in a kiss. After a couple of minutes of foreplay, her friend has ended up at her stomach, having done the full tour of her upper body. Ashley says that she once dated a girl who thought she was a great kisser, and she turned out to be terrible. She needs to show more assertiveness! She explains that with the hand on the cheek she can lightly pull her partner in, and position them for the perfect kiss. The worst part of it all, Ginger finishes, is that even after all that she was still desperate enough to make out with him and he had the nerve to call her a bad kisser! After a lengthy make-out session trying out various kissing techniques, Ashley asks if Ginger wants to learn some 'advanced' techniques. Like this she says, explaining that you never go straight in for the kiss right away. It'll only be weird if she makes it weird! Ashley smirks and says that there's more body parts you can kiss than just the lips.

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Linda escort stockholm gay escort knull Ginger hides her head under a pillow and says she can't believe this, no wonder she's single. Ashley tries to sex gay träff artemis berlin pojkar get her to at least consider the possibility, but Ginger is adamant.
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Homo mogen escort stockholm escort pojkar in denmark Ashley didn't have the heart to tell her otherwise. Ginger Banks returns home and emits a loud angry sigh of frustration as she heads straight past her roommate and flops down on the nearby couch. After a few seconds, Ashley pulls away and takes on a very matter-of-fact tone in stark contrast to her intimate nature from a few seconds ago. She brushes a strand of hair out of her friend's face and then her hand lingers on her friend's cheek. Ginger laughs that it tickles, but Ashley just says 'good!' as she continues to move her lips to various sensitive areas to show her friend how to kiss them.
Ashley Adams asks with a sympathetic smile, shutting off the TV and sitting up, either cross-legged or holding her knees, to fully turn her attention to her friend. As the body kissing gets more and more intense, Ginger finds herself getting lost in lust, gasping and moaning as she's being pleasured. Ashley leans in slowly and their breath quickens as she continues to talk, now just a little louder than a whisper. Ginger blushes and giggles and says maybe Ashley can show her the first ones, but she draws the line at those 'other areas'. A fuck buddy or friends with benefits. Finally their faces are inches away, and she explains the final step, going in for a tender passionate kiss on her friend's mouth. Ginger admits she's only ever been in long term relationships, and doesn't have anybody like that. Ginger is hesitant but admits that she's tired of being single, she's willing to try anything at this point.

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It's all about building up to a moment. Besides, girls know way more about kissing other girls the right way than guys. Ginger is panting heavily, and Ashley looks up with a devilish grin. Ashley jokes that that's why she became a lesbian, to not have to deal with any more bad man-dates. Ashley tells her she likes to always start a kiss with a bit of hand contact on her partner's face, it makes them feel special and builds anticipation. Not bad, she says, but she can see why guys would say she's not a good kisser. Ginger is mortified - she's been a bad kisser all this time and nobody ever had the decency to tell her? She spreads Ginger's legs and gives her friend's pussy a couple of gentle kisses before licking it more energetically. 'Are you suuuure you don't want me to go any lower?' she says coaxingly. Ginger whines that that kind of thing is so awkward for everybody involved, but Ashley says the trick is to NOT do it with somebody who she's trying to impress, she needs to find somebody impartial who will be honest with you. Ginger asks, like what? 'I'm not gay!' she says with a laugh as she tosses the pillow at her roommate playfully. Ginger begins describing the bad date in detail, from the bad first-date topics he brought up to when he yelled at the server, which is such a red flag. Ashley could turn Ginger into a kissing pro overnight if she let her. Ashley says that that's her problem, she never had anybody teach her or give her pointers. Ginger admits she doesn't really know how to do that. Finally, Ashley confesses that while she didn't want to tell her and hurt her feelings, Ginger's ex-boyfriend once told Ashley in confidence that kissing Ginger was like kissing a statue, she never moved her lips or opened her mouth or anything. Sure, she gives in finally, why not? Ginger looks embarrassed but knows she can't say.

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  1. Ashley first asks Ginger to kiss her as if she was one of the guys she's dated.

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